Wednesday, November 18, 2009


This week we have been stuck at the shop most of the time since the groundwork we need done is being postponed due to icy roads that the heavy equipment can't travel on. (11/16 - 11/20)

Monday: It snowed over the weekend, so we spent this class period moving snow off of the piles of materials we had outside.

Tuesday: We moved the tool shed using 6 inch steel pipes and a pint of elbow grease. After sweeping and shoveling; we worked into the night pushing the rolling shed to its new home 50ft away.

Wednesday: Since we are still at the shop we cleaned up the equipment cage, assembled concrete forms for our deck pilings, and cut and bent re-bar to strengthen them.

Friday: We reviewed blueprints to get a list of materials we would need to cut so we can frame the first floor after the groundwork is finished.

Back to school, back to school...