Student Builders

2013-2014 Student Builders
Name: Sam Bibb
Age: 16
Power Tool of Choice: Chainsaw
Hand Tool of Choice: Speed Square
Building Material of Choice: Glass

Where Sam will be in 10 years:
"I will be living in Bristol, Connecticut working for ESPN."

What Sam will be doing in 10 years:
"Hopefully I will be working around sports taking statistics and writing columns for ESPN. It has been a life-long dream to work around sports."

Name: Michael Anderson
Age: 16
Power Tool of Choice: Plate Compactor
Hand Tool of Choice: Utility Knife
Building Material of Choice: Hardwoods

Where Michael will be in 10 years:
"I plan to be in the US looking for a decent life."

What Michael will be doing in 10 years:
"I plan to be playing in the NFL for the Patriots. If not I plan to be working at an average job to make a decent living."

Name: Calvin Boddy
Age: 17
Power Tool of Choice: Nail Gun
Hand Tool of Choice: Sledge Hammer
Building Material of Choice: Hardened Steel

Where Calvin will be in 10 years:
"I will not be in prison, I know that but, where I hope to be is in a nice little town with my own place, settled down and making a living fixing cars."

What Calvin will be doing in 10 years:
"I will be working on cars and trucks for a living, after graduating from Wyotech. The exact town of where I'll be is unknown."

Name: Adriana Botelho
Age: 17
Power Tool of Choice: Pneumatic Nibbler
Hand Tool of Choice: Cat's Paw
Building Material of Choice: Bamboo

Where Adriana will be in 10 years:
"Traveling will always be part of my life regardless of where I end up in 10 years but I plan to continue to make Alaska my home. If not Alaska, I will most likely be living somewhere in the Northwest."

What Adriana will be doing in 10 years:
"I'm planning on going to college and traveling after high school. I haven't decided what field I want to go into yet but with this class, construction is certainly a possibility. I've toyed with the idea of taking a gap year and traveling the world to discover myself."

Name: Kyle Avis
Age: 17
Power Tool of Choice: Sawzall
Hand Tool of Choice: The Crowbar
Building Material of Choice: Legos

Where Kyle will be in 10 years:
"If all goes well I'll be living in a house with a girlfriend."

What Kyle will be doing in 10 years:
"Working in either construction or mining."

Name: Drecar Del Castillo
Age: 16
Power Tool of Choice: Skill Saw
Hand Tool of Choice: Claw Hammer
Building Material of Choice: Plywood

Where Drecar will be in 10 years:
"10 years from now I see myself back in Fairbanks, Alaska."

What Drecar will be doing in 10 years:
"10 years from now I see myself attending UAF trying to get a master in civil engineering and working for my uncle in Safway Scaffolding."

Name: Derik Vance
Age: 18
Power Tool of Choice: Worm Drive Saw
Hand Tool of Choice: Pry Bar
Building Material of Choice: Plywood

Where Drecar will be in 10 years:
"I will be in Oregon living in a nice house with my dog."

What Drecar will be doing in 10 years:
"I'm going to be an electrician making bank."


2012-2013 Student Builders
Logan Jones is 16 and in his Junior year of High School at JDHS. Logan’s favorite part of the House Build class is cement work as he enjoys the hard rushed pace of the work involved with it. Logan is looking forward to to the Habitat for Humanity trip to Florida and really likes all the people he works with in the class. Logan’s hobbies include snowboarding, fishing, and construction. Other than being a full time student Logan commercial fishes during the summer time.

Crystal “Seymour” Faatoia is in her 4th year of high school at JDHS and is in her second year of house build. Crystal’s favorite part of the House Build class is learning more basic carpentry skills such as framing, cement work, and insulation as she likes to do more hands on things rather than being chained to a desk all day long. Crystal is looking forward to the Habitat for Humanity trip to Florida this spring break and is working very hard to raise enough money to make the trip a reality. She attended the trip last year when she was a junior and learned multiple things like installing windows, demolition, and to the importance of sunscreen. Additionally, she loves to spend time with her baby niece and wearing shorts. Crystal’s hobbies include writing fiction, drawing, singing, and eating oranges. Crystal would like to say thank you to SAGA, Valley Lumber, Don Abel’s, Bullick Roofing, and Habitat for Humanity for supporting and helping out with the House building program.  

Jon Edillor is in his senior year at JDHS. Jon’s favorite part of the House Build Class is being able to leave school and work on a house that someone will live in one day. Jon is looking forward to putting down roofing for the house and is very impressed by how well all the students work together. In addition to being a student, he is a receptionist at Don Able’s and likes taking long vacations in San Diego. Jon’s hobbies include playing in a band, longboarding, and watching movies.

Morgan Thomasson is a senior at JDHS. Morgan’s favorite part of the House Build class is rough framing.
Morgan is looking forward to trim carpentry and sheetrocking. His hobbies include painting and drawing. He would like to thank SAGA, Valley Lumber and JDSH for all their support.

Jeffrey Chavez Barranco is in his senior year of high school at JDHS. Jeffrey’s favorite part of the house build class is the opportunity to use construction equipment safely and properly. Jeffrey is looking forward to framing, sheet rocking, and electrical work. Jeffrey is also looking forward to the house being complete and being able to see what my classmates and I built. Jeffrey’s hobbies include building model cars. I would like to thank local building supply stores for their help and generous donations to the house build program at JDHS.

Jim Diamond is in his senior year at JDHS. Jim’s favorite part of the class is being outside doing hands on work, rather than being in some classroom. Jim is looking forward to gaining skills throughout the class that he can use after school in the work field. In addition to the class Jim works 2 jobs and likes to spend time out doors. He would like to thank Don Ables and all other companies who contribute to make this class possible and Mr. Bullick for teaching me skills I can use through out class.

Silvester Olivares is a hard-working senior currently attending Juneau-Douglas High School. Silvester’s favorite part of the House Building program is the freedom he gets out of school. He believes that this class teaches him to be more responsible and to be a better leader. He also enjoyed building a deck with the rest of his classmates earlier in the semester. Silvester is looking forward to the Habitat for Humanity trip. In addition to being a student, Silvester is a current baseball player at Juneau-Douglas high school. His current G.P.A for this year is at a steady 3.2. Silvester wants to go to college and study to be a mechanical engineer and is also planning on getting his degree in business. He would like to thank everyone who contributed or was involved in the current House build program.

Taylor Tucker is a senior in high school currently going to JDHS. Taylor’s favorite part of House Build Class is estimating materials needed to build the houses. Taylor is looking forward to going to Florida for the Habitat For Humanity trip. Taylor also is impressed with how the teacher is teaching. Taylor likes to stay home and help his grandma around the house. Taylor would like to thank everybody that made house building possible.


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