Thursday, December 6, 2012

Progress at 5871 Churchill Way

Another week at 5871 Churchill Way, another big step taken towards getting our roof on and our house enclosed; providing us a haven from the elements, which continue to deteriorate. And my apologies to our more frequent blog visitors for continually referencing the weather, but it makes our job difficult and I feel the need to share our pain. For that reason, getting the roof on is a big deal and one of our short-term goals.

JDHS Students standing and bracing front wall

We were able to get closer to that goal by finishing the installation and sheathing of the second story external frame this week.

JDHS Students provide support keeping the wall, while JDHS House Build Teacher, Andy Bullick, attaches a brace.

That process began with the entire group standing the front and back walls. These walls had been completed the week prior, but we were unable to stand them because of high winds. After those walls were lifted into place and braced, the students attached the smaller side walls. Work was expedited by a visit from two House Build alumni, Alex and Mo, who had time off from their normal employment. So they decided to come by the house and show the current students ‘how it’s done’. Once the entire external wall frame was erected, students began attaching plywood sheathing along the outside of the walls.

After standing the front wall, students work on attaching the side walls.

Students attaching plywood sheathing.

JDHS students, Tyler (left) and Jim (right), attaching plywood sheats.

JDHS student, Sylevester, preparing plywood sheat for attachment.