Thursday, February 7, 2013

Students Continue Installing Insulation, Addressing Odds and Ends

Progress continued this week at 5871 Churchill Way. Students continued installing the insulation on the exterior of the house, giving our home a nice pink cover. After being introduced to the system over the past two weeks the students have been able to use the current week as an opportunity to have the repetition needed for a strong grasp of the techniques used for installing the REMOTE system.

In addition to installing exterior insulation, the students are beginning to get a sense of all the minor, but important, tasks that occur in residential construction. Some of those tasks were tackled this week as different groups of students split up and worked on things such as fastening hangars for rafters, flashing and roofing a small side roof, pick-up framing, and maintaining a clean and organized work site.
When the REMOTE insulation has been installed we will be ready to attach our fiber-cement siding. Before this happens we need to prepare our siding with an initial layer of paint. Painting and preparing the siding will be the next major project for the students and it will give them an introduction to exterior painting techniques. GET YER ROLLERS READY!

Weekly Weather Update:

Juneau, AK: 37 degrees Fahrenheit with a chance of rain

Orlando, FL: 79 degrees Fahrenheit and sunny