Thursday, February 23, 2012

New Students Join House Build Class

With the transition from last semester ending and the new semester beginning in January, there has been a few changes in student personnel.  Unfortunately we lost Matt and Logan; however, we would like welcome three new students to the class: Crystal, Brad, and Travis.  I will be sure to get their profile information and upload it to the student profiles page.  All three students are doing very well and have leaped right into the construction work along side the veteran students. 

Meanwhile, the building continues to move forward.  As seen in the pictures, the house is in the process of being insulated with four inches of rigid foam, all windows have been installed, and the front porch and the car port have been roofed.  Our siding has arrived in Juneau and we will soon be busy in placing a first coat of paint on the siding prior to installation.  The final paint will be applied once the house is the clad with the siding.  The siding will be secured to the plywood furring strips seen on the face of the rigid foam insulation.  Also beginning soon will be our plumbing.  We have selected All American Plumbing and Heating as our mechanical subcontractor and look forward to working with them in the next couple weeks. 

Moe really seems to be enjoying shoveling snow off the roof
Jesse cutting starter shingles for the front porch roof

Alex finishes up on some pick-up framing in the carport

Crystal and Justin attaching some rigid foam insulation

Everything is coming together!