Thursday, February 21, 2013

Movin' Right Along

For those checking our weekly posts to stay updated with the progress of the JDHS House-Build project it is my duty to report that this week there is very little to report. Due to parent-teacher conferences and staff work days our students were only present for two days of the week leaving the House-Build project with one of its more uneventful periods.

Although uneventful, a fair amount of work was accomplished this week. By the end of this past week the students had managed to finish applying the first coat of paint to our exterior siding, leaving us with the task of transporting it over to the house site. Therefore, yesterday was spent ferrying the siding from the school to the worksite where it will wait until we are ready to fasten it to the exterior of our home.

In addition to moving the siding, the students were briefed on the plan for Friday’s “class”. We will be preparing the floor of our home, which at the moment is a pit of sand, for a concrete slab that will be poured sometime in the upcoming weeks. This preparation will involve placing foam insulation on the bare ground and laying re-bar and heat-tubes on top of it to provide structural strength and heat, respectively, to our slab floor. More updates to come, stay posted.

Weekly Weather Update for Our Spring Break Field Trip with Martin County Habitat for Humanity:

Juneau, AK: 36 degrees Fahrenheit with a light rain
Orlando, FL: 79 degrees Fahrenheit and sunny