Friday, June 7, 2013

"It's Starting to Look Like a House"

Summer has arrived in Juneau. With it comes the end of the school year and the end of the 2012-2013 House-Build Class from the Juneau-Douglas High School. And being that there are only so many days in the school year, our students will be unable to participate in the final few stages of the construction of the house they helped build. So that leaves the Construction Manager and me, the Construction Trainer Assistant, with a few busy weeks.

 Since our last post, much work has been accomplished at 5871 Churchill Way. Apart from the installation of our gutters, the exterior of our home has been finished. All of our fiber-cement and cedar siding has been installed and painted, our exterior windows and doors have been encompassed with cedar trim, our decorative awning, composed of stained cedar, is hanging in place, and our soffits are covered with perforated vinyl. The interior of the house isn’t far behind.

Stree view of the finished exterior with T&G Cedar Siding around the doorway and fiber-cement siding covering the top and side walls

View of the front of the house with T&G cedar siding surrounding the top window.

Backside of house covered with fiber-cement siding

Side view of the house. Also covered with fiber-cement siding
Our drywall sub-contractors have finished installing, finishing, and painting the drywall in our interior; we have installed bamboo flooring on the first floor of our home; and we are currently in the process of installing our kitchen cabinets. 

Interior after drywall installation, finish, prime, painted, and textured

Still left on the list of things to accomplish before the staff can experience their version of a summer vacation include, the installation of carpet on the second floor, finish plumbing and electrical work, interior trim, interior door installation, stairway tread and riser installation, and a myriad of other tasks that currently elude me.

Prepping concrete slab before flooring installation

A sample of our flooring material: bamboo

First section of flooring being installed

Construction Manager, Justin Fantasia, installs a length of bamboo flooring

Nearly finished. The whole process (prep & installation) took approximately 20 hours

With much still to do, we look forward to a few more busy weeks. Thanks for reading and stay tuned.