Monday, March 8, 2010

Insulation Continued (3/1 - 3/5)

This week we continued to add foam insulation to the house, we have 4 inches of exterior insulation on all sides now.

Monday: We finished making our bird blocks, bird blocks allow us to ventilate the trusses without allowing birds and other nesting animals to live up there.

Tuesday: Today we began adding our second layer of foam insulation on the North, East, and West sides of the house.

Wednesday: We continued to add our second layer of insulating foam around the house

Friday: Went out to the site and cleaned up the job site in preparation for the wind and snow. We also cleaned and inventoried our tools and equipment.

Saturday/Sunday: This weekend was the Juneau Home Show, which we had a booth at. We raffled off a playhouse and talked to the community about our house.