Juneau-Douglas High School (JDHS)

The Juneau-Douglas High St school is a local public school that strives to develop a healthy community of learners and to prepare its culturally diverse student population for global citizenship. It has participated off and on with the House-Build project for over 40 years in varying formats, giving students an opportunity for hands-on construction experience in and outside of the classroom.

Since the first House-Build project on Douglas Island in 1974, numerous students have participated in the program in varying formats. Many of whom that live in this community, have started businesses, and work in the trades for which they were prepared for by high school vocational courses. Since its inception, students from JDHS' House-Build class have built homes in the Juneau area.

University of Alaska Southeast
Construction Technology Program

The University of Alaska Southeast's Construction Technology Program is dedicated to providing quality learning opportunities in a supportive environment where construction students can learn new skills or improve existing skill levels. Construction technology at UAS provides the knowledge, tools and experiences that enable students to attain employment, develop professionally and experience personal growth and enrichment.

The Juneau Housing Trust

The Juneau Housing Trust is a local, non-profit private corporation that was created by volunteers in 2000 to address the lack of affordable housing in Juneau. It aims to provide and preserve opportunities for low and moderate-income people to secure housing on a long-term basis. The corporation promotes the development, rehabilitation, and maintenance of decent housing and economics opportunities for low-income Juneau residents by making affordable homes available that improve the quality of life, thereby improving the safety and well-being of the community.

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