Sunday, March 2, 2014

Students learn the ways of life.

JDHS house build 2/24-2/28
By: Samuel Bibb
The week of the 24th of February was a week of catching and finishing up for the JDHS house build team. The high-stressed school anxiety seemed like it was hitting everybody in the class. Midway through the week, some of the house build students received a rude awakening from the authority leaders in the class when a majority of the class were called out because of lack of consistent habits of work throughout the month
            With multiple big projects on the house being completed in prior weeks, jobs on the work site began to become scarcer for the team. The main objective for the house build team continued to be the completion of the exterior pink foam insulation, but others found it hard to find work. A majority of the class continued to work on that while other’s continued to follow the advice of Andy Bullick by cleaning up the site when done with their assigned job. This idea of stepping up and taking responsibility has been a big staple put on by the teachers in the class. For months now Justin, Jess and Bullick have been reminding the students about our futures, and how this class matters a lot about the future of your life.
            Another idea implemented by the teachers in the class has been the idea of a punch list. A punch list is a list the shows the tasks that should be completed in a certain amount of time. The students began to follow the lead throughout the week. With any schedule in life there are always obstacles that you must overcome so that you can achieve your goal. A few of the students accompanied by class advisor Jess May ran into a problem at the beginning of the week when a fews measurements on the backside of the house were off. The group of 2 student’s and one teacher were putting up furring strips that are intended to hold up the pink foam the outside of the house that helped with insulation. Every furring strip was supposed to line up with every single interior stud so the strip of furring plywood could be fastened to a common stud inside the wall. The problem was that somehow the strips were fastened to a stud that was not on layout which made the problem exponentially worse. This took hours to correct.

            On the final day of the week, Juneau continued its pattern of unbelievably sunny weather through the dark days of winter. That made all the students suddenly transform their attitudes from negative to positive which helped the overall vibe of the team. This increased the work on the job site. Another reason why all of the students changed their attitudes was because Jess brought all of them a delicious treat. Jess’s friend Ambrose Capps and Paul Lee sent him two king cakes straight from New Orleans, which made them even better. The two cakes were to small for Jess's stomach alone so he shared. All of these additional pros made the work environment picturesque.