Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Learning by paying attention to detail

JDHS house build 12/9-12/14
By: Samuel Bibb
Documentation by: Adriana Botelho

With the break fastly approaching, motivation begins to be hard to come by. Students begin to think about their plans during the break, which slows down the work progress in all classes including house build.
Monday the 9th marked the beginning of the last normal week before the break, the real last week is finals week which offers a messy and annoying schedule.
The week began as usual with the regular routine, which included: the safety circle, Job assignments, and the weekly project goals  
On Tuesday the class took a bit of a detour by transitioning into framing the stairs. The class started the process by discussing the process of building stairs. After that, the students learned about all the components in stairs which included the stringers, treads, risers, and nosing. Using that information the class calculated how many stairs they needed to build the staircase so that it would be applicable to the code. From there they were able to lay out the first stringer and cut it out.
The next day, The house build team returned to site to find a staircase awaiting them, which absolutely shocked them because they had only finished one single step throughout an entire class period. The rest of the class period, each student was given a measurement that represented the height from the 1st floor base to the 2nd floor base. with that height the students were to layout and cut one stringer for the hypothetical staircase.
After the mind boggling day on wednesday, the students were treated with a relatively easy task of moving windows into the house on friday. With friday being a short day the class only had time for one more task after moving the windows. That tasks being cleaning the site and making a dump run. With alot of progress being completed in a week span the student only have miserable 2 days to recover until their hit by finals week of 12/16-12/20.