Sunday, April 10, 2011

The plumbers have finished as well as the electricians so now its onto drywall.  In regards to the outside of the home, we've been focused on flashing, installing the front door of the home, routing the HRV duct system throughout the home, getting the ceiling prepped for 19" of insulation, finishing off the carport roof shingles, and finally putting up siding, corner boards, and window trim. Next week is looking like all siding and trim outside in the rain.  At least we have Folk Fest this week!

Installing the exhaust duct for the HRV system

House with partial siding and front door

Finishing up the first half of the carport shingles

Glass front door

Corner shower installed on first floor

Overhead electrical lighting installed

HRV fresh air supply

Circuit breaker installed in guest bedroom

Flashing installed on porch ledger

Installing 3/4" TG cedar under bay windows

Bay window with corner boards and window trim scheme