Thursday, January 10, 2013

A New Year, The Next Step

Returning from two weeks of holiday vacation, JDHS House-Build students encountered a construction site not far-off from the one they left. During their absence the final pieces of roof sheathing were put into place, providing us with our long-awaited enclosed structure.
With the roof framed and sheathed, the next stage in the project is preparing the house for insulation. Included in this preparatory process are covering the exterior walls with the weather-barrier Drain-Wrap; installing windows; attaching metal flashing along the base of the home, as well as the windows and doors; and a multitude of minor, but necessary tasks.
Given their two week respite, the students were eager to get back to work.
After splitting into groups, the students dove right into their respective projects, with one group installing the Drain-Wrap and the other preparing the window openings.
The team charged with installing the Drain-Wrap was further divided into sub-groups that were tasked with marking the location of the wrap; unfurling the wrap; and fastening the wrap to the wall. Guided by their teacher, Mr. Bullock, the students worked efficiently and effectively. We hope to have the entire house covered by the end of the week.
The second group of students tasked with preparing window openings was given a brief summary of window bucks and the purpose they serve. Once informed of the structure they were to install, they were then instructed on the manner with which to do so. And with each student taking on a different task necessary for the window buck installation, the first-floor window openings were completed relatively quickly. Now versed in window bucks, their purpose and how to install them, the students should be able to emplace the second-floor window bucks even faster.