Thursday, February 17, 2011

This week a cold front moved through Juneau so most of class time was dedicated to painting the concrete board siding for our home.  Brad Austin, our local plumber apprenticeship coordinator, gave the class an informative walk-through lecture on how plumbing works in residential homes on site and on all the science behind it.  The SAGA crew started installing the pink foam insulation to the exterior of the home beginning what will become a major task in our near future as a class.  After put up furring strips then siding. 

 Class painting concrete board siding

A make-shift drying rack in class for siding.  Needs to dry for at least 3 days

Deck blocking equipped with Stratton bracket.

Sheet metal foundation flashing with first course of pink foam and bug net.

Rough plumbing underway in crawl space

Second floor bathroom rough plumbed with a hole cut out for the bath tub.

Future site for plumbing air vent