Thursday, August 5, 2010

Monday 7/26-7/30

Monday: We continued installing the remainder of the flooring throughout the house. Grout was applied to the tile flooring as well.
Tuesday: With the flooring installed, another day of cleanup was definitely in order. We had quite of bit of cut scraps of flooring and cardboard from the cabinet packaging.
Wednesday: Now that the house was clean we began staging a painting station in the garage for the doors. Being that we had to hand paint the doors, we wanted to give ourselves adequate space for working and to allow the doors to dry. We started painting the doors in the afternoon.
Thursday: We continued painting the doors. Although the doors were pre-painted, to give the door a quality finish look and cover imperfections from shipping, it should have an additional coat of paint.
Friday: We continued painting doors doors in the morning and hanging door frames in the afternoon. After having the weekend to dry, the doors should be ready for installation first thing next week!

Monday 7/19-7/23

Monday: The deck floor was completed and railing posts were bolted into place. We now have a deck to sit and eat our lunch on sunny days!
Tuesday: Following a last minute deck design change, the deck railing was completed with a new twist. We used copper piping as vertical supports in place of traditional 2x2 spindles. This not only increases visibility through the deck railing, but adds another unique design feature that is durable and long-lasting.
Wednesday: With the deck railing completed, we focused our attention to interior finish work. The first order of business is a thorough cleaning in preparation for the delivery of cabinets. This cleaning will also help prep for the installation of flooring the rest of the week.
Thursday: Cabinets were delivered in the morning. For most of the day work continued on installing the flooring. With snap-together laminate, once the first row is down work moves pretty quickly!
Friday: A majority of the flooring was installed and some cabinets were set into place. We also laid tile in both bathrooms and the kitchen.

Monday 7/12-7/16

Monday: Levels galore! Today we used levels, plumb bobs and the Pythagorean Theorem to properly position deck posts and beams. Texturing has been completed on the interior and work began on the final coat of paint and the accented ceiling.
Tuesday: With the beams and posts secured in place, we began temporarily setting deck joists in place while painting continued on the inside.
Wednesday: Referring back the the Pythagorean Theorem, we squared up the deck floor joists and secured them permanently in place. We added hurricane clips to provide additional rigidity and structural integrity to the floor joists.
Thursday: We began attaching decking to the floor joists. For the deck floor we are using Sunwood, a pressure treated lumber that has a smooth finish. Traditional pressure treated lumber is stamped with small gouges to allow the treatment to absorb in it and is less visually appealing for flooring.
Friday: Work continued on the deck floor and scaffolding was disassembled as the deck took shape. Painting was completed, which means that interior finish work can begin. A big thanks to Southeast Interiors for a job well done!

Monday 7/5-7/9

Monday: HAPPY 4TH OF JULY! Today we did not work so we could celebrate our Nation's independence.
Tuesday: Today was spent breaking down scaffolding and repositioning it in the front of the house to prepare for building the deck. On the inside, the painters began applying the "texture" layer. Our deck package was also delivered by Don Abel in the afternoon.
Wednesday: Today was a "site cleanup day". We made multiple trips to the dump with wood scraps and trash.
Thursday: In the morning we picked up an extended boom fork lift from Tyler Rental. We needed it to lift two beams in place for the deck. Both beams were pressure treated 4x12's, one being 16 feet long and the other 24 feet long with a combined weight of nearly a half ton!
Friday: Bracing was put in place to temporarily support the deck beams on the front of the house. Additional 4x12 beams were positioned on the South side of the house and all beams were secured using special order heavy duty galvanized brackets.

Monday 6/28-7/2

Monday: Siding was completed on the South Side of the house. Preparations were made so we could begin putting the second coat of paint on the siding.
Tuesday: We began applying the second and final coat of paint on the South side of the house. This will give an additional layer of protection from the elements and help seal the Hardie Plank from moisture.
Wednesday: Painting continued today both inside and outside. Southeast Interiors is using an "airless" paint sprayer to apply paint inside while we use and old fashioned brush and roller technique on the exterior.
Thursday: Painters tape, painters tape, painters tape. Today was spent preparing for trim paint on the South Side of the house. This meant putting up painters tape and using small detail brushes to apply the white trim paint.
Friday: We completed trim painting and spent the afternoon thoroughly cleaning our paint supplies. Southeast Interiors completed interior priming.