Thursday, December 13, 2012

Partnering The Classroom With The Worksite

This week the JDHS House-Build Class was given an introduction to roof anatomy and the methodology of roof design and construction. Following their introduction, the students put what they were taught into practice. The result: full-length rafters put into their proper places and a roof structure ready to be sheathed.

JDHS Students, John (center) and Jim (right), work with teacher, Andy Bullick (left), to install roof rafters.

On Monday, Justin Fantasia, SAGA Construction Manager, brought the students into our improvised classroom (job-site trailer) to inform them on how our roof is built. The class began with a segment on rafters: the purposes they serve; their anatomy and composition; and the part of the roof they form. From there, the lesson turned to the methods we use to find the measurement for the length of the rafters. Justin explained to the students that by using the pitch of the roof (rise over run) in conjunction with Pythagoras’ famous theorem, we can calculate the length of our rafters. The students, excited to implement their cerebral skills gained from their traditional classrooms, quickly found the measurement we use for our rafters.

JDHS students, Morgan (bottom) and Kyle (top), moving plywood.

The rest of the week was spent with the students implementing their physical skills to complete a multitude of tasks: measuring, cutting, lifting, and fastening the rafters, as well as the other parts of our roof structure. All in all, the week turned out to be a productive one, and, by combining the classroom with the work-site, put the value of the House-Build program on full display.

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