Friday, June 11, 2010

Week 6/7 - 6/11

This week we focused on the exterior siding and trim while Southeast Interiors did the mudding and taping on the drywall inside.

Monday: We began our day by removing all of the drywall scraps from the installation and cleaning up the site. The last of the corner boards were put in place and we dug a trench for our electrical supply.

Tuesday: The last of the siding was painted, while the exterior door and window trim was custom made at the shop. The siding was then moved to the house.

Wednesday: All of Wednesday was devoted to the installation of siding on the North wall of the house.

Thursday: On the North wall we installed the bird blocks, primed all of the bare wood (under the eves), and caulked around the windows and trim. The exterior trim was installed on the West side (front) of the house and a few courses of siding were put in place.

Friday: The trim on the West side of the house was primed and caulked with an addition of flashing over the garage door. More courses of siding were added along with caulk where the siding meets the trim. On the North side of the house we applied white paint on our trim and began to put the second coat of paint on the siding. We also laid out our marks on the remaining two sides of the house to begin the first courses of siding.

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