Thursday, November 15, 2012

Second Week on the Site, Starting on the Second Floor

JDHS students, Sylvester (left ladder) and Jeff (right ladder), attaching ceiling joists.
JDHS students, Tyler (left) and Kyle (right), installing ceiling joists.

Greetings from 5871 Churchill Way! Today marks the second week that I, Constuction Trainer Assistant and blog correspondent John Webber, have been involved with the Juneau-Douglas High School's House Build Project and I am thrilled to say it has been a great two weeks. After spending my first week getting introduced to the names and faces of the program and framing the first floor of the house, this second week has been spent attaching ceiling joists and plywood sheathing for the sub-flooring.

Faced with inclement weather and underperforming equipment, progress was hard-gained. But even with the adverse working conditions, the students showed up to the construction site each day with smiles on their faces and an eagerness to work. The week began with measuring, cutting, and intstalling 2"x8" ceiling joists that lay atop the first floor frame. Once the ceiling joists had been put into their correct positions, 4'x8' plywood sheaths were attached onto them, forming the 2nd floor sub-flooring. With a sub-floor now in place, the students and staff can look forward to a break from the site for the week of Thanksgiving. When they return they will have the opportunity to put their newfound skills on display framing and attaching the second floor walls. 
Students, Tyler (left) and Jeff (right) work together when attaching ceiling joists.


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