Thursday, January 17, 2013

Windows and Walls, Plus a New Student Joins House-Build!

Near the end of last week, the students and staff of The House-Build Project had finished covering the exterior walls with Tyvek Drain-Wrap and installing window bucks. Our next step was to install the windows themselves. So on Friday, the students were given an overview of the types of windows we will be putting in our house and how we will be installing them. At the completion of that brief lesson, the staff demonstrated the installation process by emplacing one of our first-floor windows.

JDHS students attaching the final strips of Tyvek Drain-Wrap on the exterior of our house.
Using Friday’s lesson and demonstration as their guide, the students began this week tasked with installing the remainder of our building’s windows. And they did so with a fresh face amongst them.
JDHS students, Logan (left) and Morgan (right), take the final steps to install our final window.

Joining the House-Build Program for the second semester is Keeshin, an exchange-student from South Africa. After being introduced to the Construction Manager, Justin Fantasia, and the Construction Trainer Assistant, myself, Keeshin joined us in our customary safety circle which is held at the start of each class.

House-Build's Newest Member, Keeshin
Following introductions and safety circle the students were split into two groups, each with the task of installing a second-floor window. Once they had been split up and informed of their assignment, the students rounded up all the needed materials and got to work.
Spending  Monday preparing the window opening and carefully moving the windows to their staging places under the supervision of a nerve-wracked staff (the windows are quite pricey), Tuesday offered them the opportunity to get the windows placed, leveled, and locked-in.

For the remainder of the week, the students will hope to finish framing the interior walls of the second-floor. This will provide the students an opportunity to refresh and refine the skills they gained while framing the exterior of the building.

SAGA Construction Manager, Justin Fantasia, instructs students on techniques used for framing interior walls
JDHS students, Zach (standing) and Jim (sitting), attach bottom plates of interior walls 
Once the second-floor interior walls have been framed, the students will be introduced to the insulation techniques we will use to keep our home dry and warm.

To finish on a different note, for his introductory week Keeshin was greeted with ceaseless rain and temperatures never rising above 40 degrees Fahrenheit. His response was an ever-present smile, a positive sign for someone planning on spending the next few months with the House-Build Project in Juneau.

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