Thursday, May 16, 2013

The End is Fast Approaching

It has been over a month since our last post and much has happened, so for today’s post I’ll let you know what we have done, the current status of our house and what is planned for the upcoming weeks. The status of our house at the last post was a framed staircase and the beginning our exteriors finish work that included the installation of siding, trim, and soffit. Presently, we are a few days away from having a finished exterior and drywall installed, our roof is insulated and shingled, and our interior wall cavities have been insulated. This is good news because summer vacation is fast approaching for our students and we hope to have as much done as possible before they are finished.

Therefore, the site remains busy as usual.  Our next steps include finishing up the installation of siding, trim, and soffit. Once all the exterior materials are in place we will have to paint the exterior of our house. For the interior, after our drywall is finished and painted, we will begin installing flooring and kitchen cabinets, as well as carpet in the upstairs of our house.

The next few weeks will be quite busy and before you know it our house will be finished and ready for occupation. So if you don’t keep up you might miss it. Stay posted and thanks for your support.

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