Friday, August 9, 2013

Coming to an End

With my last day of service as SAGA’s Construction Trainer Assistant comes my last posting as blog author for the Juneau-Douglas High School’s House-Build Program. Being involved with the House-Build program for the better part of 9 months has been a rewarding experience. I was a given a first-hand look at the process of residential construction and had the opportunity to be involved with nearly every step along the way. What’s more, I had the privilege to impart everything I had learned to the 8 high-school students enrolled in the program. The House-Build class is unlike anything I have ever been a part of and it was truly a pleasure to be involved with a program that provides a positive and challenging learning experience for students while improving the community by creating new housing units. Within the next few weeks a new group of students and a new Construction Trainer Assistant will start the new school year by putting up a frame for a new house and I wish them, as well as all others involved with the program, the best of luck.

But let’s not forget that we have our current house still in progress. 5871 Churchill Way is nearly at the completed stage, accept for a short list of minor tasks that are awaiting the right circumstances. Below are pictures of the interior and exterior of the house in its mostly completed stage.

Thanks for reading and your continued support. Stay posted for updates on the upcoming school year’s House-Build project.

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