Friday, October 16, 2009

The Project

  • The house is being built by the students in the ACE Academy at Juneau Douglas High School with on site instruction by Colin Dukes, JDHS Trades Instructor.

  • This project is designed for JDHS students to learn hands-on skills in building a house while involving them in all aspects of the process from site prep to foundation to framing to finish.

  • The district is reviving this successful house-building program, which has been dormant for several years, but successfully operated over 4 decades in the district.

  • The goal of this house-building program to engage students in an authentic, community-based project and provide students with hands-on workplace skills that prepares them for jobs in the construction industry.
  • Construction management will be provided by SAGA in coordination with district teachers to facilitate the ongoing work of the house build around the schedule of the students coming and going to the worksite.
  • House building plans were developed by the students in the ACE Academy and were submitted to the City for review and approval for building permits in spring 2009.

  • Funds from the sale of the house will replenish the funding outlay by the district for purchase of the land, building, and sale of the house and construction management for the next year’s house build project.

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