Thursday, October 27, 2011

2011-2012 House Well Under Way

As of yesterday the foundation of the 2011-2012 house is complete.  All that remains is stripping of the forms and back-filling and then the framing can commence.  Over the past couple weeks:
  • Admiralty Construction has graded and leveled the site
  • Footings were laid-out, formed, reinforced, and poured
  • Stemwalls were formed using insulated concrete forms (ICF's) and reinforced
  • And yesterday, Aggpro brought out their pump truck and we placed 10 yards of concrete for the stemwall and set anchor bolts for our framing.  
Next week a lot of visible progress will be made with framing beginning.  The students performed very well on the foundation phase and look forward to next step.

Admiralty Construction grading the building pad with a mini excavator

Jesse and Sean help Justin square up footing forms

Justin teaching the tricks of the trade to Matt and Alex

Sean and Moe making templates to hold the vertical reinforcing for the stemwall

Footing forms reinforced and ready for concrete

Alex dumps a load of fresh concrete into the forms 

Wheelbarrows line up to load more concrete

Andy and Moe spread the concrete while Logan screeds and Alex goes to get a new load

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