Thursday, November 3, 2011

Framing Ready to Begin

With the completion of the foundation, this week the students worked on water proofing the stemwall and started to cut trimmers and assemble headers for framing out the window and door openings in the walls.  On Monday, Tyson from Aggpro was kind enough to give the class a tour of the concrete batch plant and explain all the logistics of procuring materials to the plant, mixing, and delivering concrete to the site.  Admiralty Construction has been working hard yesterday and today to backfill and install drainage around the foundation.  Framing should begin in earnest tomorrow. 

Moe carries a heavy load of water proofing towards the anxiously awaiting stemwalls

Sean and Moe apply waterproofing to the stemwall as Jesse keeps a wary eye out for invading precipitation.

Matt follows behind with a heat gun to adhere the waterproofing

Logan bravely prevents the pebble wrap from escaping so Justin can trim it to the proper width

Logan explains to Tim the principles on unwinding a long roll of material.  The pebble wrap will be fastened over the water proofing and will allow ground water to trickle down to the perforated draining around the perimeter of the foundation. 

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