Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Almost Ready for Roofing

December has been a busy month, but not on the jobsite.  The students had their winter break so the house sat idle for two weeks.  However, as everyone will see from the pictures below, there has still been lots of progress since our last blog post.  The second floor framing is 100% complete including interior partitions.  The exterior walls are 95% sheathed.  The trusses are all installed with one half of the sub-roof already installed.  The remainder of the sub-roof sheathing will continue and be completed this week.  We are probably just a couple weeks away from topping off and hopefully we will be able to enjoy a topping off celebration.  The project is continuing to go very well and is ahead of schedule.  The students continue to work safely and produce quality craftsmanship.

Walls beginning to be erected

Jesse lays out a header for a window

Logan brings a load of studs to the second floor

Matt poses for the paperazzi

Matt and Moe begin building and interior partition

Alex and Logan set the first truss

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