Thursday, December 1, 2011

First Floor Structural Framing Complete

Hopefully everyone had a restful Thanksgiving Weekend.  Our building team must have as the framing has been attacked with enthusiasm.  Despite the snow and rain and freezing temperatures, the first floor structural framing is 100% complete.  Interior partitions remain to be built, however, that did not stop us from moving on to the second floor.  As of yesterday, the second floor joists and subfloor have all been installed.  Tomorrow the second floor wall framing will begin and will be followed shortly by the installation of trusses from Juneau Truss.  The framing was not without its difficulties, with many sore fingers struck by errant hammers, tools lost by falling snow, boards cut too short or too long, or stud spacing not quite at 24" on center, but overall everyone is very satisfied with the progress of the building.  Framing is one of those areas of construction that is very fulfilling to the students as there is a very visible result of their labor each day. 
The first and longest wall (45 ft) is erected

Alex does his best to keep on top of the mess while Jesse reminds Moe that his lifting the wrong end of the wall

Alex continues his housekeeping while Andy searches for a lost contact

Jesse squares and plumbs a cripple stud beneath a window rough opening

Ready, 1, 2, 3, lift!

Halfway there

Sean nails the wall walls together with a  double top plate

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