Monday, June 21, 2010

Week 6/21 - 6/25

Monday: The trim and siding on the front of the house received an additional coat of paint while work on the siding on the South side of the house continued.

Tuesday: The bird blocks for the South side of the house were primed and painted and work continued on siding the South wall. Inside the house, the drywall received a coat of primer.

Wednesday: We nearly finished installing the siding on the South side of the house today. The French doors were trimmed and half of the bird blocks were installed. On the inside of the house the walls were textured.

Thursday: Most of the day was an office work day, but we did managed to install a few more pieced of siding, paint the trim around the French doors, and do a little priming under the eves.

Friday: We continued to prime under the eves, finished installing bird blocks, and began to apply paint under the eves.

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