Thursday, August 5, 2010

Monday 6/28-7/2

Monday: Siding was completed on the South Side of the house. Preparations were made so we could begin putting the second coat of paint on the siding.
Tuesday: We began applying the second and final coat of paint on the South side of the house. This will give an additional layer of protection from the elements and help seal the Hardie Plank from moisture.
Wednesday: Painting continued today both inside and outside. Southeast Interiors is using an "airless" paint sprayer to apply paint inside while we use and old fashioned brush and roller technique on the exterior.
Thursday: Painters tape, painters tape, painters tape. Today was spent preparing for trim paint on the South Side of the house. This meant putting up painters tape and using small detail brushes to apply the white trim paint.
Friday: We completed trim painting and spent the afternoon thoroughly cleaning our paint supplies. Southeast Interiors completed interior priming.

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