Thursday, August 5, 2010

Monday 7/26-7/30

Monday: We continued installing the remainder of the flooring throughout the house. Grout was applied to the tile flooring as well.
Tuesday: With the flooring installed, another day of cleanup was definitely in order. We had quite of bit of cut scraps of flooring and cardboard from the cabinet packaging.
Wednesday: Now that the house was clean we began staging a painting station in the garage for the doors. Being that we had to hand paint the doors, we wanted to give ourselves adequate space for working and to allow the doors to dry. We started painting the doors in the afternoon.
Thursday: We continued painting the doors. Although the doors were pre-painted, to give the door a quality finish look and cover imperfections from shipping, it should have an additional coat of paint.
Friday: We continued painting doors doors in the morning and hanging door frames in the afternoon. After having the weekend to dry, the doors should be ready for installation first thing next week!

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