Thursday, August 5, 2010

Monday 7/5-7/9

Monday: HAPPY 4TH OF JULY! Today we did not work so we could celebrate our Nation's independence.
Tuesday: Today was spent breaking down scaffolding and repositioning it in the front of the house to prepare for building the deck. On the inside, the painters began applying the "texture" layer. Our deck package was also delivered by Don Abel in the afternoon.
Wednesday: Today was a "site cleanup day". We made multiple trips to the dump with wood scraps and trash.
Thursday: In the morning we picked up an extended boom fork lift from Tyler Rental. We needed it to lift two beams in place for the deck. Both beams were pressure treated 4x12's, one being 16 feet long and the other 24 feet long with a combined weight of nearly a half ton!
Friday: Bracing was put in place to temporarily support the deck beams on the front of the house. Additional 4x12 beams were positioned on the South side of the house and all beams were secured using special order heavy duty galvanized brackets.

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